Sunday, September 2, 2012

Old Jeans...New Look

I am on a roll lately with clothing refashions.  So the next few posts will be on that topic.  Sometimes I get it right, sometimes it's a complete fail.  This one came out pretty good.

 In the process of losing some weight, mostly inches, I have been getting rid of clothes left and right.  I was very hesitant to get rid of these particular jeans as they are Joe's Jeans, which can be quite pricey.  So instead, I decided to wear them as a boyfriend jean.  With some heavy distressing.

I used bleach, a bleach pen and the paint brush to get the fading.  I wanted a very distressed look.  Like I had been working in them.  I used a razor to make holes, slashes, and roughed up areas.  

I sewed in various places to give the look of repair.

Pardon the pics, I am not a model, but they look way better on than lying on the floor.  

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