Monday, March 26, 2012

From Obsession to Faux Milk Glass

OK, so I have a serious coffee obsession.   And what's worse, I love Starbucks!  However, I must live in the only town in the US without one.  Blah!  Fortunately, I make my way to a nearby community a few times a week so that I am able to feed my obsession.  But, when I can't get there, I grab a Frappuccino to go at the local convenience store.  It's my one indulgence!

One day I decided to save a few bottles instead of recycling them.  And this was my plan.  I would make milk glass.  I have seen many tutorials on how to do it...from Pinterest of course.  But, here is my very own.



Bottles or jars
Latex paint
newspaper or plastic bag (to cover your space)
disposable cups

1.  Gather a few bottles of any size or shape.  I used Frappuccino bottles because they are reminiscent of old milk bottles.  Wash and let dry.  If you can't get the label off or the sticky stuff underneith, use a Magic works wonders.

2.  I started by dipping a cup into my paint and pouring into the bottle.  I rotate the bottle to cover the whole inside.  If the paint doesn't cover, add a little more.

3.  Once your whole jar is covered on the inside, drain out over paint can, and place in cup to let drain fully.  Don't worry about getting paint on the outside of the jar, it comes off the glass very easily.

4.  I forgot to take a picture but, I used a wire rack placed over my work surface, in this case a bag.  I put the bottles on it upside down to let them dry overnight.  It may take 48 hours to dry completely.  Be patient.  If you stick anything inside the bottles before they dry, it may scratch your pure white surface.  I know this from experience.

5.  Display as you would like!

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