Sunday, September 2, 2012

We are all SuperStars!

I am really getting into this patterned jeans trend lately.  But sometimes I would rather have something handmade than pay an arm and a leg for something that will be out of style in 8 months.  With that being said, it is the perfect time to make a pair of star jeans that I have been drooling over from Current Elliott for months now.  I had an old pair of grey skinny jeans that I thought would be perfect for this project.  The best part, my girls both cheer all-star competitive cheer for the Pittsburgh Superstars and competition season is coming.  You bet I will be sporting these jeans as part of my cheer gear!

I am not a don't laugh at me!  And I'm representing the team!:)

Here are the steps I took.

Mix Martha Stewart Any Surface paint with fabric medium.

Stamp a random piece of denim or fabric
to get the pressure right for the stamp.

Begin stamping your pattern on the jeans.
You may need to allow dry time between 
stamps and front and back of the legs.

When through and after dry for about 24 hrs., run the iron over your jeans to set the paint.

Wash them with no fabric softner and the color should set into the denim and make them look like you bought them that way!


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