Saturday, March 3, 2012

Go Green!

I love St. Patrick's Day!

And even though I don't frequent the Irish pubs much anymore on this most mischievious of holidays, I still love to dress green and decorate a little green.  Side note...I am not a single bit Irish!  But just for a day, I like to pretend.

I have had a few requests for wreaths and I have been on a kick with paper and fabric wreaths.  So I whipped up a couple and this is how they turned out.  Enjoy!!!!  BTW...anyone can make these!  Shoot me a line if you need any pointers.


  1. Hi, I actually do need a bit of help with that. Yea, yea, I know I could try and find it out by my self but I'm just about to do my wreath out of a some plastic bags I have at home but I'm afraid there are not enough of them. Could you please help me with a tip if you cut them in pieces, stripes ... or you just used them as they were. And how many did you use for 1 wreath? thanks and best regards from Slovenia

    1. The plastic bag wreath...hmmmm, it's been a while. I cut the bags open and then used a rotary cutter to cut strips. Then I cut the strips down to size. Obviously, I cut around the printing on the bags and just used the solid colored parts. The strips were probably about 6-7 inches long. I trim it all up at the end. I am not sure how many I used. There were quite a few. I just kept going until the wreath was nice and full. Hope this helps a little. Sorry this took me so long to reply. I haven't checked my blog in a while. Need to get back on that. :)