Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sew Cute Sandals

Okay, so I have been seeing these super cute t-straps all summer long.  They have flower embellishments down the t-strap, usually in leather or whatnot, monochromatic.  On that note, I decided to make a pair myself...with a little more flare.  This tutorial does contain a bit of sewing, but it can be done either with a machine or by hand.

First, get yourself an inexpensive pair of t-straps.  I got mine at K-mart, and they were buy 1 get 1 half.

Next, I chose my fabric colors.  I wanted something sweet and sassy!  So I threw a little zebra in there with the floral.  I used fat quarters.  Four different colors for four different flowers, but you can use as many as will fit on your shoe.  Don't forget to make 2 sets, as you have 2 shoes.  Iron the folds out and cut into 3-4 inch wide strips.  I used the longest  side of the fabric for the length of the strips.  (Not sure exactly the length, but just as long as you have enough fabric to form a flower.)

 Then you need to fold each piece lengthwise, wrong side out
and pin.  Sew the edge to make a long skinny tube.
 Turn right side out.

Iron flat.

At this point you can make your flowers.  I used a basting stitch down one edge and pulled to make the fabric curl into a flower shape.  You can use a machine for this, or by hand.  I do it by hand.  Whatever works for you.  Sew the flowers together, through all of the pieces so they do not come unraveled at any time.  These need to be pretty sturdy because they will be on your feet and moving around quite a bit.

Now you can put them on your shoes.  I used a huge needle and sewed them on through the leather sandal.  As I went through the sandal and through the flower, I wrapped around the t-strap as well.  I really wanted to make sure they wouldn't fall off while I was wearing them.  

Last step, just to reinforce, I used E6000 glue.  I shot a dab between each flower and the t-strap, threw on a clothes pin and let them sit overnight.  

This is the finished product.  

And on my feet...

Have fun making your own:)

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