Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Looking over...

Yep, that time of year again!  Seeing green!  Just in time for the weather to start to change and green grass peeking through the melting snow.  Okay, there is some brown mixed into the green, but a girl has to stay positive!  It has been a LONG winter.  Anyway, I couldn't find any shamrock piks like the heart piks I found for Valentine's day, so, I made my own.  And although I am not Irish, I love St. Patrick's Day, shamrock shakes, and the color green.

Supplies:  hot glue, bamboo skewers, cute scrapbook paper (or whatever works for you)

I cut out a whole bunch of shamrock shapes using a stencil.
Then I used hot glue to secure the skewers to the inside of the shamrock.  Don't forget, these are double sided, so whether you use the same color paper on both sides, or you mix it up, make sure you trace your pattern the opposite way so they match when you put them together.  Also, I put the glue on the skewer, not on the paper so you have control over where it lands.
Then put the other side on.

There you have it.  I trimmed mine a little since I used a stencil for each.  Another trick, put your paper together and cut out 2 at a time, that would make them even as well.  I thought of that...after the fact:)
I displayed mine in a couple of old Ball jars with some various green stones.  I also put huge glitter on two of them.

Luck O' The Irish!!!

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