Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feelin' Crafty

This time of year makes me start to feel super crafty! It gets my wheels turning and the feeling kicks in. The feeling that I need some new fall decor, not that I don't already have enough! But hey, you can always use more. So my first fall project is this...Nesting boxes! I got this idea just from surfing around the web. I think I saw some blocks that had this saying on it...pretty simple though. I decided to spice things up! Hope you like em'!


  1. Fun boxes!! I love this time of year :)

    Love your Owl City too :)


  2. Those are adorable....and are now on my "To Make by October 31st!" list!!
    PS, my craft mojo is at its peak right now, too!!

  3. Great boxes! I went and perused your Etsy store as well and I love your artwork. I am an artist too and was thinking about beginning to sell prints on Etsy. But yours are so current and I love them. I think my daughter would too so....probably will have to order... :)I have some of my art work on my blog.

  4. I love this!!
    I totally want to put words on everything!!!
    I would love it if you linked to my Halloween Party!